Namaste, Jack here and thanks for visiting this site whether it be for your interest in leopards, tigers or wildlife in general, our work at WildTiger or to read my latest blog post.   1 October 2020 – A lot going on at the moment and I’m currently focused on #AntiSnare (including Ecosystem Reboot, putting leopards back where they belong) but also still work on the ‘Living with Big Cats’ project which focuses on coexistence strategy and implementation. The latest blog posts (updates) HERE but please also read below:

UPDATE 20 July 2020 – Accuracy of information

There’s so many reports at the moment I’m struggling to keep up. When I’m in the jungle now I don’t check the alert system on my phone, I only respond to calls otherwise I wait until I’m back at my laptop. This leopard was allegedly beaten to death by villagers in Uttar Pradesh two days ago but details are still sketchy. Many incidents are not going to media now, it’s not new news anymore. I appreciate everyone sending messages, please try and verify information especially location as this is really important. Follow up means first ascertaining if it was a conflict or poaching issue. If it was poaching then the next step includes trying to understand if it was the work of subsistence poachers or target species hunters. There are many levels to all this and accuracy of information is vital, it means once facts are established then the right people can become involved depending on the circumstances. There is not a blanket reason why all this is happening except that it is a monumental failing in human society. Each case has its own variables however and to reduce the chance of further incidents the truth has to be dug out. Believe me, this is a lot of work…

The most recent blog post is HERE but please also read below:

An unprecedented frequency of incidents including leopard body parts seizures, leopards caught in snares and retaliation killings (leopards killed during conflict situations) has meant I’ve had to put extra focus on #AntiSnare (brief blog post HERE) which will have updates at this site and at WildTiger which is currently having changes made as we streamline our work due to the pandemic.

Blog posts HERE about an incredibly important court case and a post HERE  explaining a little about why I must show images like the one below, the situation is deadly serious. More about the ‘The Importance of Leopards’ concept in that post as well as further down this page.

UPDATE 20 June 2020 – This site is currently transitioning to the The Importance of Leopards concept which will include an eBook series of the same name. Our social media sites as well as WildTiger will announce the changes. The concept will be the basis of our new support platform due for completion in late September 2020. If you’d like to offer support in the meantime please contact

“When I’m not in the jungle I’m often writing. I’m usually writing about the jungle”

Many thanks to those who have followed my blog platforms over the last decade. 2020 marks a new resolve in a crucial period for the leopard and wildlife in general. The latest posts are to the right if you are on PC or Mac and at the bottom if you are on a mobile device. For information on our coexistence work ‘Living with Big Cats’ go to WildTiger.

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This is an incredibly important time for the leopard and so many other wildlife species. Join me and work together to safeguard these magnificent animals. Thank you for caring and my regards to all as we go forward.

More about #AntiSnare – Video Teaser